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Resource Management

Subject Locator Link
Send text to subject and they click on it and easily retrieve their location which gets added into the system.

Response Alerts
Admin can configure alerts to send an email alert when a particular user responds. Among other uses, this feature is useful for tracking responses of candidates.

Create Page
Customizable pre-set alert types (rescue) to meet at certain point (rendezvous is customizable) and notes to each page.

Create Updates
Allows IC to enter new information into the mission, such as a subject’s lat/long (example, if 911 gives cell coords or the Subject Locator Link is used). This updated information, in this case coordinates, create a clickable link which field members can open in any map of their choice. Coordinates are automatically plotted on the mission map.

Call, text, or email from this page. What time responded, notes made from responders. Aggregate resource information at top of page (5 helo, 3 tech, etc). Member certification and credentials. “Responders” don’t just apply to people, a vehicle can respond and be tracked.

When users respond to an alert, they are tracked to the rendezvous location and in to the field.


ERM User

Real time field member coordinates to include altitude, miles trekked, elevation, and time captured. Within the app, field members can track subject’s distance and elevation difference from their own position.

Users stay current of information pertaining to the incident.

“My Info”
Users track when their certifications expire, their incident list, their technical and medical skill levels, etc.

Dynamic Links
As determined by your organization, users can click to see pertinent information such as rain gauges, rendezvous locations, lat/long conversions, weather stations, codes and passwords, etc.



Reports can be generated and submitted to appropriate agencies. For example, reports can be generated to incident lists, track mileage, and Portal to Portal information. Or, reports for time and mileage are often used to help secure state and federal funding for volunteer groups and agencies alike.

Member App Management
Add or activate/deactivate accounts for member app use management.

Coverage Map
Auto creation of cell coverage maps by response users in order to determine known pockets of cell coverage.

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