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About ERM

Sean Fawcett has been involved in more than 800 SAR missions since 2005, serving as a member of Helo, TRG, Board, and Mentor programs. Sean has received numerous awards on a state and local level, and his SAR team has named him as Rescuer of the Year five times. As a SAR member, Sean is devoted to the safety and effectiveness of teams both in the field and in their organizations. As a software developer with 25 years experience, Sean saw a way to provide a concise app as a solution for volunteer organizations, SAR agencies, and the communities that they serve.

Brooke Fawcett began volunteering in SAR in 2007 in a fundraising capacity to help ensure that the rescue group could pay for equipment, cover training costs, and build a dedicated SAR facility. As a SAR rescuer, she has served as a board member, PIO, medical instructor, and member advocate. With her career in business strategy, she has been able to work with her team in developing and streamlining committees, programs, and processes that align with the group’s overall SAR mission. Brooke has completed more than 100 missions, and is passionate about providing ERM to other first responders as another tool to help save lives.

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