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Manage • Communicate • Coordinate

The Emergency Response Manager (ERM) is a real-time system used by SAR organizations to Manage, Communicate, and Coordinate resources and information flow during missions.

The ERM system provides Passive Resource Management:

  • Alert and activate resources
  • Real time data for decision making and risk management
  • Detailed information to understand the big picture

A Tucson, AZ hiker got lost in the Rincon Mountains after a night of snowfall, a fall into a creek and a potential head injury.  But with the help of a feature in the Emergency Response Management app, local authorities were able to pinpoint his location more precisely than a typical cell phone ping.  Watch the video for more!

Emergency Response Manager for Real-Time Resource Management


  • Maintain member accounts, and contact information
  • Access member qualifications and certifications
  • Provide Incident Command with names and qualifications of responders during the mission
  • Custom reporting for portal-to-portal, log in/log out, hours in the field, number of operations, and many more as required by SAR agencies and for grant funding


  • Alert and activate teams through app, text, or email
  • Members respond directly from the app
  • Easily lookup any member to text, call, or email with one click from the app
  • Dynamic links library to give one click access to organization’s calendar, weather reports, gate codes, and more


  • Real time tracking of teams in the field using cell, APRS, or Garmin InReach
  • Update teams throughout missions
  • GPS screen enables users to see their own profile, lat/long position, and navigate to others using the system
  • Send informational messages, or create a training roster using the alert feature
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